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So, ya wanna know who the nutcase is who owns this website? All right, here's my personal info ~

Name: K T (my initials). Country of birth: Singapore. Year of birth: 1963. Marital status: single (I frighten all the gals away). Race: Chinese. Facial appearance: reasonably handsome (that's what many thought anyway :p). Star sign: Taurus. Height: 5' 2" (158 cm) (yup, I'm a real midget). Weight (current): 120 lbs (56 to 57 kg). Number of ears, eyes, mouths and noses: currently two, two, one and one. Personal traits: vain, perverted, slightly mad, extremely dirty-minded, lazy, untidy, procrastinative, daydreams all the time. All other information classified as confidential until further notice! (No, I have absolutely no criminal records and have never been charged in court.)

Got a Doctorate in philosophy in 2010. I'd happily share with everyone the philosophical views and ideas I examined and expounded in my work, except I don't think it would be appropriate here. :) (Let it suffice here to say that my thesis attempts to work out a Confucian win-win solution to the science-versus-religion debate ― there being a whole lot more to the Confucian tradition than a stodgy old man named Confucius, by the way.)

I've lived in Singapore all my life (apart from a five-year stay in Australia). While Singapore's not a bad place ― the eternally hot and sticky climate notwithstanding ― I do wish she could have been less mired in this all-consuming preoccupation with material 'progress' and the pace and demands of living likewise mitigated somewhat. It would have helped for me too if the traditional elements of East Asian culture were more well-preserved and nurtured here. Well, guess I'm wishing that pigs could fly.

I'll be frank about it: I profess nothing but contempt for this whole ethos of 'growth' and 'progress' so unquestioningly endorsed around the world today, looking at the untold damage we have inflicted and continue to inflict upon Nature and upon each other in its name. Sorry, mates, that's what I am. Take it or leave it.

But to return to our favorite topic, I've always had this obsession with the athletic male figure, be it in art or in real life. The raw virility, the undressed, chiseled form, all have an irresistible appeal for me. Especially thrilling to me are scenes depicting such figures locked in unarmed combat. The extreme homoeroticism, the graphic spectacle of sweat and sinew, the corded limbs constricted around the bodies, the total subjugation of another man physically your equal (or even some creature or wild beast several times your size) through sheer muscle power alone... Look, I'm sure you get what I mean and all further elaborations ought to be redundant. :p. Here's a small gallery of some favorite wrestling images of mine.

The heroes I depict on drawing paper are in this respect really all wish-fulfillment characters, embodying my dream of acquiring a figure like theirs, of being in possession of the same raw physical power. Those already endowed with such gifts are an endless source of envy to me! (Having been a regular gym-goer, my figure at present is actually not too bad, with an already visible six-pack; it's just not that good yet. Damn, I'll have to show a good photo of myself here sometime.)

There are many artists whose work I cherish, including a number of 'Macho Man' artists whose depictions of the male figure I can only gape (and drool) at in awe. The most outstanding among them would have to be Joe Jusko, the male figures in whose Tarzan paintings are so magnificently built they leave you utterly speechless.


Tarzan actually had a dagger in his right hand in this pic, but I edited it away to make it look like he had slain the beast with bare hands!

Wish I could be that dude touching Tarzan here. Who wouldn't want a chance to touch him, or a body like that? :p

I wonder if the big ape might be secretly enjoying it. :p

If you're impressed as well by the art of Joe Jusko, you may like to purchase the volume shown to the left, which contains hundreds of his pieces in full color. This is a priceless collector's item which can't be rated too highly, and one honestly has no idea how long it will stay around!






My other 'more cultured' side

There are several other near-naked muscle heroes from comic books, DVDs and other sources that I like, and I leave it to you for now to figure out which ones they might be. At least as far as art is concerned, though, I actually do not limit my interests to the well-endowed male figure alone, but take an active interest as well in other more 'polite' genres and subject matter, such as landscapes and traditional Chinese art ― 'polite' as in all the human figures (when they do appear) being fully dressed, with no rippling muscles visible, and conducting themselves in a courtly manner. (Hey, come on, scantily-clad muscle boys are great, but there's still a lot more to life than them.) A sampling of my work in this area of art can be found here.

Have to say I've never really been comfortable with having the two side-by-side in my inner world ― raunchy barbarians on the one hand, cultured and 'aesthetically correct' subjects on the other. They just don't seem to go together. The raw, pungent stench of male sweat and testosterone just doesn't mingle well with the sanctifying scent of sandalwood incense from a Buddhist temple, or the fresh fragrance of a lavender field in Provence. Guess I'm just sort of a Jekyll-and-Hyde case ― sigh... :)


A small selection of images from the exquisite world of traditional East Asian art. I've always experienced this sense of 'incommensurability' between this kind of artistic subject matter and 'Macho Man' art, though I love both.

It's fascinating what we human beings can be, how such contrasting impulses can reside in the same mind. One could be a man of culture and refinement but also a raunchy barbarian. I'm reminded of this cute little song by Donna Lewis. She could be all sorts of things and people ― just like each of us. Donna Lewis seems to me to look a bit like J K Rowling, by the way...

Speaking of songs, I've in fact derived a great deal of inspiration from music in my artistic work (though not exactly when it comes to drawing naked muscle studs). Yes, I like that song by the Village People. :p Can't imagine life without the wonderful gift of music. I spur myself on with music for my workouts at the gym as well! For those who want to know, I'm partial to genres like New Age (especially the early Kitaro), traditional East Asian, and Western classics from the Twentieth and late Nineteenth Centuries, though Bach and Mozart appeal to me no less than these. I can't play any instrument, though. Guess you can't know everything.

A fondness for various books and PC games lays undisputed claim to yet another stretch of territory in my heart. (I might put up a list of those in future if anyone's interested.) Finally, the child in me loves toys and origami (paper folding), too; in particular I'd love to have these toys one day!

There are still many other things I cherish in this world, but also certain things which I find deeply troubling, chiefly among them the fact that we're collectively progressing in certain directions of a most undesirable nature, as I've hinted before. (I'll just sum it up in two words: peak oil.) Hate to turn to such issues in the middle ― near the end, rather ― of this little enumeration of my favorite things, but it just doesn't seem to me a proper option that we keep those issues out of sight and out of mind, which will not make them go away, sorry. Well, guess I'll just let this video voice my thoughts here on my behalf ― plus this and this ― just so that the said option would be available to those kind enough to indulge my ramblings here yet preferring not to dwell on the unpleasant... 

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