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If you already happen to sport a macho man physique, you may want to find the right things to put on to flaunt what you have!

The Andreas Cahling collection of posing suits for bodybuilders showcases what would probably be some of the best quality body suits that can be found anywhere. Specially designed by a bodybuilder, they're also made of extremely durable material, and come in a wide range of colors to choose from. The Men's Thong Posing/Swimsuit in particular is steaming hot (on the right bodies, of course) ― it exposes everything except your family jewels. :D These suits are unfortunately a bit costly, though, and wearing the Thong for too long in particular can hurt a little, with that tight and narrow elastic pressing on your body at all times!

The Andreas Cahling Men's Thong. Hot enough for you?

Those of a more adventurous turn of mind might like to check out this website as well. Here they sell body suits of every variety imaginable from wrestling singlets to superhero costumes. Dozens of exotic designs are available in all colors, including this full spandex suit (see image just below) that covers the body completely from head to toe. I doubt I'd dare to try it on ― don't think it would be comfortable either ― but who knows, some of you might want to!

Fancy wrapping yourself all up in spandex?

(Speaking of wrestling singlets, there used to be a website called 'Krushco' or 'Greccogear' where one could still purchase those old-style singlets worn by Olympic wrestlers in the 80's [one is shown below]. The singlets have ceased to be available at the said site. I don't know what happened, and it's a real pity one can no longer find these hard-to-find singlets. They must surely rank among the most erotic fitness apparel ever designed by man... :P)

I must not forget to mention Otomix. This online store features a wide range of fitness apparel and footwear for both guys and gals, though nothing like the hot and sexy outfits mentioned above as far as I can tell. You might find something there to your liking nonetheless!

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