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I've always loved to draw and the underdressed, well-built male figure has always been one of my favorite themes in art. The homoeroticism (all right, I said it) and raw physical power all have an irresistible appeal for me, and I find scenes depicting such figures grappling with each other (or with some nonhuman foe) all the more exhilarating. (Here in this respect is a small gallery of my favorite wrestling images. And I think I shall desist from dwelling on the exact nature of my attraction for such things. ;) )

I actually don't like male figures that are too massive; they look positively grotesque and cumbersome. Muscle size is not unimportant to me; I just don't want too much of it. The Incredible Hulk is emphatically not my idea of a Macho Man figure. I don't care if he's far stronger than, say, Tarzan; unlike Tarzan he just doesn't have a physique that looks agreeable ― to me anyway. What I prefer is a lean, athletic figure, one which combines a moderate amount of muscle mass with lots of definition. :)

Below is a small sampling of what I consider my best attempts so far at this exalted subject of art. I will be adding new pics from time to time (say every one or two months), so check in often!

Just click on any of the images below for a larger preview. And incidentally, if you're an aspiring artist yourself seeking to master the male human figure, you might like to check out my page on drawing Macho Men, where perchance you might find some useful tips.


Macho Man

The ME of my dreams. :p

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An ancient Chinese mythological creature.

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Wrestler Demon

He wants to be close to you. :p

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Combat Athlete

Ready for action.

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You've got to be pretty good to wrestle a tiger.

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Your friendly neighborhood werewolf.

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Wrestler Demon II

He's getting even closer to you now.

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Bear Wrestler

Man vs beast. Yup.

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Liked my pics? Why not check out my store, then? :) Or perhaps you long for a body like that of the hot dudes in the pics? Check out my page on building a Macho Man figure!

I don't draw scantily clad muscle boys only, by the way, but other things of a more 'polite' nature as well. Click here if you wish to view them!

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