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Entry 4 ~ 10th Nov, 2012 (Sat):

Added this pic over the last couple days. Noted a few weeks back that one of the online apparel stores to which I provided a link on my webpage seems to have just disappeared. Dunno what happened...

Entry 3 ~ 5th Sep, 2012 (Wed):

Added this pic and this over the last few days, plus a new page. Also did some work on all the links, some of which for some reason became defunct. Interesting coincidence that Halloween should be coming in a few weeks even as I put up the two pics. :)

This world's descending into an ever greater mess by the day ― natural disasters, global economic woes, whatever. Wonder what the future holds... :(

Entry 2 ~ 11th Feb, 2011 (Fri):

The weekend just before was Chinese New Year. Usual festive mood! Among a couple other changes to my website, I've decided to place a new pic in 'My Macho Man Pics'. (I was actually thinking at first of waiting until somebody signed up before doing so...) Also added many new products to my store!

Wonder what the new year will hold. And when business will finally pick up with this site...

Entry 1 ~ 30th Nov, 2010 (Tue):

Finally got this website up and running with everything in place. It was a lot of hard work getting it done, though ― nothing good ever comes easy. The autoresponder thing in particular added several more gray hairs to my head just getting it up...

Hope the whole thing works out well! Fingers crossed!

I'll be updating the stuff on my website from time to time. Check out this section for the latest news, or sign up for regular updates (you'll immediately receive an email). In the meantime, you may like to send me an email or sign my guestbook!


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