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For those drooling for more Macho Man content, here's a small list of websites to whet your appetite. Some of them provide yet more visual fare in adulation of the athletic male figure, while others offer further guidance on the path towards attaining that glorious figure for yourself. There is also a website for the budding artist on the difficult art of depicting the male figure on paper. Check them out!

Photos_By_JAE This website features dozens of black-and-white Macho Man photos, all available as magnets, postcards, posters and even T-shirts. The models featured in the photos are all bare-chested, steaming hot dudes with immaculately cut figures which have to be seen to be believed!

Wrestling Arsenal This is a veritable online reference library of wrestling images, classified according to types of wrestling moves, particular wrestlers and matches, and so on. All are accompanied by comments that are often laugh-out-loud funny. The gentleman who compiled this mammoth library is just amazing; the images found here must number in the thousands. There are even hand-drawn comics and cartoons of wrestlers by different artists. While the wrestlers are not all lean, athletic studs (as I'd prefer them), the great humor and sheer range of content still make this an absolutely great site to visit; just bear in mind that some of the material is decidedly adult by nature. :)

Musclemen of Wrestling Another website featuring thousands of images of delicious, steaming hot beefcakes, specifically those who match their sinews against each other in the ring! Not all of them are as immaculately sculpted as those from Photos_By_JAE, but still enough of them to make a trip to this website entirely worthwhile!

Men's Health This fitness website offers a great deal of invaluable content for aspiring Macho Men: not just material on muscle and fitness, but also on health concerns in general, dressing and grooming, and relationships with the opposite sex! A bit short on visual content, though. Guess you can't have everything.

Scooby's Home Bodybuilding Workouts Don't think of that silly dog from that silly cartoon. The friendly giant owning this website has had years of experience in bodybuilding (not to mention a sense of humor and a rather cute face to match), and here he shares it all with you free of charge where instead he could have compiled it all into an e-course and sold it online for money. All the advice you could ever need on building muscle, you'll find here. There are lots of videos in which this dude shows off his buff ― he absolutely loves doing it. To be sure, I think some of his advice ― such as the counsel "If it tastes good, spit it out" ― would be a little too Spartan for most people, but you should still find much that's helpful if you're serious about packing on some muscle mass!

How to Draw a Superhero There don't seem to be that many good websites on figure drawing, and even less on drawing well-built male figures. This series of videos on drawing three superheroes ― Spider Man, Ghost Rider and Superman (I'm personally kind of partial towards the Warlord and Aquaman [in particular the bearded, half-naked version as done by Peter David and Dan Jurgens]) ― ought to be a great introduction to figure drawing for those new to it. The gentleman in the video does not really go into much detail on constructing a preliminary framework or mannikin for your figure, with a study of the frame's proportions; rather, he just goes through the steps for drawing a pre-determined figure (though he does explain his steps). All the same, this should still provide a great way for a figure drawing newbie to get his feet wet!

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