NOTE: this is only a preview. The image below is printed on a range of merchandise you can purchase, and the words 'Art by K T' will not be present in the image when you purchase any of the merchandise with the image printed on them.

Dunno what it is with me, but among the characters and creatures I've always enjoyed depicting on paper are athletically built wrestler characters with fangs and evil-looking eyes, such as my earlier Wrestler Demon, of whom this could be yet another incarnation if you like. Come, let him lock you in his arms. He'd very much like you to do the same to him, too. :p

This started off as a black-and-white pencil sketch late in 2011, when I got for myself a Genius graphic tablet (MousePen 86) the services of which I then employed in rendering the sketch into a full-color image and making improvements upon it, my other indispensable helper being the wonderful graphics processing software Paint Shop Pro 9. Below is the result. Took a few months, on and off. The skin tone variations and glistening effect would have been exceedingly difficult if not impossible to achieve without the use of a graphics tablet and a good image editing program like Paint Shop Pro.

Lest I forget, credit is also due to my Canon CanoScan LiDE110 scanner, which alone enabled me to scan my preliminary sketch into my system as a digital image for further processing. 

This is probably about as heavily built a character as you're ever likely to see me draw. I actually dislike overly built figures, such as the Incredible Hulk. Think I might have overdone the wrestling headgear a little, making it look more like a pair of stereo headphones!

If you like him enough to want to carry him home, just check this out!

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